“Seriously Rich People Know There Are Just 3 Simple Things You MUST Know to Experience Financial Freedom…”

WARNING: When I Tell You What The First One Is, You’ll Probably Start Feeling As Angry As a Bag of Wasps…”


Dear Friend

The shocking information you are about to discover is for you if you seriously need more money but you don’t know how to get it.

It’s for you if you are staring down the barrel of a fast-approaching retirement for which you are totally unprepared.

It’s for you if you are struggling to bring up your kids who just started kindergarten, and you are already having sleepless, anxiety-filled nights worrying how on earth you’ll manage to pay their way through university.

It’s for you if you are a working your butt off in your business and still only just managing to keep your head above water.

It’s for you if you are spending so much time in the office that when you finally do arrive home the family dog wants to bite you because he’s convinced you are a stranger!

It’s for you if you are just starting out in life and the last thing in the world you want to do is end up in a financial prison like your parents.

And it’s definitely for you if you want to invest in property but you haven’t got a clue what to do or who to ask for help.

First though, please consider this:

If you are anything like most people, you feel “Stuck like a mouse on a wheel” when it comes to money.

sales-img1 Odds are, that you also feel chained to a job that is slowly draining the life out of you…

And to make matters worse, you also know, deep down in your heart, that no matter how hard you work, your wages will never be able to give you the abundant and happy lifestyle you are longing to experience.

But consider this fact:

A Lack Of Money Isn’t Stopping You From Wanting More Out Of Your Life Is It?

It just keeps increasing your emotional and mental frustration levels.

I’m right, aren’t I?

And that totally sucks!

Because like everyone else, you’d love to be in a position to be able to

    • Wear better clothes
    • Eat better food
    • Drive a better car
    • Live in a better home
    • Send your kids to a better school
    • Take better vacations
    • Be in the position to help needy family and friends


But You Have A Really Frustrating Problem…

One ‘persistent obstacle’ that, try as you might, you cannot tunnel through, climb over or see any way around.

It’s called: Not Enough Money!

And let’s face it, short of you

    • Winning The Lottery… [Please don’t hold your breath. You have better odds of getting struck by lightening!].
    • Or a Rich Relation Dying and leaving you everything in their will…

Unless YOU take responsibility and do something – absolutely nothing is ever going to change.

Which means you will be destined to join the staggering 98% of people who retire woefully unprepared – poor, stressed and miserable [running out of money in their first few years of retirement].

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your story can be different.
And that brings us to:

Shocking Fact #1 You Have Been Deliberately, Purposefully and Calculatingly Educated to be IGNORANT in Regards to Wealth Creation!

From your very first day at school you were trapped in an outdated, ineffective system, designed to produce… compliant employees not freedom-loving entrepreneurs!

And whether you realize it or not, that has had a massive influence on the way you think, feel and act where money is concerned.

Stop and think… how many of your teachers or college professors drove to work in their new Porsche or took luxury vacations?

We both know the answer – none!

And yet, all through your education, day after day, year after year these same people told you over and over again:

“Study hard and you will get a good job and have security for life!”

Sadly, for many of you reading these words, that is exactly what you did.

You worked your butt off.

But look where it has gotten you…

FACT: The ‘Study hard and get a job for life’ approach might have worked back in the 1950’s and 60’s but it is an absolute recipe for financial disaster and life of stressful mediocrity in 2015 and beyond!


Your First Step Towards Financial Freedom Is Accepting the Undeniable Fact That Your Education Never Equipped You to Attract or Create Wealth…

In fact if we are brutally honest, it failed miserably.

Please stay with me because as depressing as that fact is, it isn’t all gloom and doom.

As you keep reading you are going to start feeling inspired, encouraged and uplifted.

Because finding a way out of the rat race is actually a lot easier and much less expensive than you imagine…


Which brings us to:

Shocking Fact #2 You Need a Mentor!

It is obvious when you stop to think about it… Sure you could ‘go it alone’ and try to figure everything out by yourself.

But why on earth would you want to?

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some wealth creation strategies work – while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right systems, if you find the right mentor, you can bypass years of blood, sweat and tears and take advantage of time-tested and proven systems.

Wealth creation experts the world over are in complete agreement on this one fact:

If you intend to create serious wealth you need to find someone who DOES understand how to attract money, already HAS created massive wealth themselves and most importantly of all IS willing to take you by the hand and show you exactly how they did it, so that you can too!

And it would be an awesome bonus if they were willing to show you how to do so without breaking your budget.

Well, that is where I come in…

My name is Marco Robinson and on a bleak October morning in 1989, I went to the ATM machine praying there was money I could withdraw.

As I looked at the balance on the screen, my heart sank.

Damn! $2.21 Cents was all I had.

I will never forget that day.

After four weeks of “trying” to sell, I ended up with no hope, no prospects, exhausted, no friends, no car and no money … I honestly thought I was sunk.

And then a miracle happened. I discovered how to attract money. And it resulted in me turning my problem into a huge opportunity. I now live comfortably; I live on my own terms, and if you’d like to discover what I discovered, please keep reading…

In just seven days I became top salesperson in the company, salesperson of the year, then Sales and Marketing Director of the group. I was in great demand. Everybody wanted a piece of me and I was suddenly getting inundated with great job offers from all over the world!

Basically I went from a very shy, miserable, spotty, ginger-haired guy, to a successful, spotty, ginger-haired guy with lots of money, beautiful women wanting to “hang out” with me, a beautiful, expensive sports car and the best clothes money could buy at the age of 22!

Fast-Forward to 2015 and Today I Am:

  1. A Number #1 Bestselling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur, and World Renowned Property Investor and Educator
  2. Founder of the NAKED Group of Companies including the Naked Restaurant and Bar www.nakedrestaurantkl.com recently opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  3. A Dato Seri’,  Indonesia equivalent to a Knighthood in England
  4. Have built several Multi-Million Dollar companies from scratch such as the “Wealth Revolution Group”; “Create Demand Incentive Programs”; “The Rich List”; “NAKED Restaurants” to name a few…and has recently launched “Property Champions” with esteemed Malaysian partner Tunku Fauzi Malek
  5. Personally I own over 100 properties and became a Multi-Millionaire property Investor and World Authority Speaker on Investing and speaks worldwide to hundreds and thousands of people…
  6. Have sold over USD$ 50 Million worth of Investment Property to my customers The Wealth Revolution Group
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And with your permission…


I’m Going to Take You By the Hand & Show You How to Replace Your Salary, Generate Positive Cash Flow & Never Have to Worry About Having A Boss Telling You How to Live Your Life Ever Again!

For many years now I have been helping thousands of people worldwide offline to experience financial freedom. And I have more testimonials from satisfied clients than you can poke a stick at.

But for 2015 I have decided, for the very first time ever, to train people online.

INTRODUCING: The Wealth Revolution Group™ Your Ticket to Financial Freedom

A unique and outstanding online coaching community with four simple aims:

    • To show you how to replace your salary
    • To help you generate serious passive income
    • So you never worry about having a boss ever again
    • So you can achieve financial freedom and start living life on your terms!


You Will Receive “Unrestricted Access” to Over $25,000 Worth of Cutting-Edge Courses, Videos, Training and Workshops Including

    • Access to our 24/7 Membership website!
    • Over 100 hours of live, high-ticket events video content, seminars, Boot camps and workshops.

    NOTE: People have paid $5000 to $10,000 a head to attend these events but you get access to all the videos and training as part of your investment in this package.

    • Study at your own pace. You can download and watch videos at any time you want
    • The Ten Step Blueprint to Financial Freedom [12 Videos]
    • Successful property investor secrets to developing the right mindset
    • Making your goals a reality – a step-by-step formula anyone can follow
    • Understanding Micro-economics without needing a degree in accounting
    • GDP Ratio’s and how they impact your investment decisions
    • Fundamentals of successful property investing
    • Understanding property cycles and how to use them for maximum advantage
    • How to create financial freedom through property investing in 24 months or less
    • Property demographics – why most investors are flying blind in this area and how to capitalize from their ignorance
    • Net worth calculation formula
    • Financing strategies the greedy banks will never share with you
    • Mastering your property investments for minimum stress and maximum profit
    • Live Property Tours [4 Videos]
    • Hot Investments and how to find them
    • Build Your Property Empire [8 Videos]
    • How the global financial meltdown is effecting your wealth and what to
      do about it
    • What will NOT create financial freedom
    • Your greatest liability and your greatest asset
    • A powerful fundamental to property investing
    • Capital gain vs. cash flow
    • The Economic World Clock [what time is it?]
    • Shocking Real Life Property Case Studies
    • Wealth Tools [25 videos]
    • Sales Mastery 4 Days Mastermind Event
    • Real Life Success Stories [9 Videos]
    • How to get credit in any country [this one thing is worth 100 times your investment in this package]
    • 9 strategies of how to successfully borrow money in any economic climate
    • Access through an app on your phone in addition to the website
    • Exclusive access to live webinars 1 x month and invite special events, uploaded to your website membership
    • Early-bird notification of affordable entry investment opportunities
    • Members-only networking sessions offline and online, community for members and facilitate joint ventures
    • Most importantly No BS Ten Steps to Financial Freedom Blueprint! Proven to work for everybody who actually uses it step by step



Who Should Definitely Join the
Wealth Revolution Group?

Anyone interested in investing in property – You will discover a complete, step-by-step blueprint that can cut years off your learning curve and fast track your results!

Anyone considering going into property – It’s absolutely necessary to find out where the property “fits” in your plan.

Anyone who wants to stop wasting time & money learning the hard way – we have already made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Anyone interested in wealth creation – You can’t afford to ignore the power of property either, because it’s already responsible for more “rapid” self-made millionaires than any thing else in history.

Anyone currently struggling with their investments wanting a quantum leap / breakthrough in regards to property – We have some for you.

I am determined to help as many people as possible, start or grow a high-income, property based money machine even if they have absolutely no previous experience…

So if you already have an existing property investment portfolio and want to learn how to kick your profits into warp-speed or if you simply want to start your own successful property portfolio, then you would be crazy to miss the chance to be a member of The Wealth Revolution Group.

And if you still need more convincing, consider this…


Shocking Fact #3 You Need to Take Action!

You want to know what stops the vast majority of people from doing anything with their lives?

It isn’t a lack of education, talent of social status. It isn’t luck or some kind of hidden super power that only a few gifted individuals possess.

It Is This:

“The Power of An Idea
is In Its Implementation!”

That’s right! All the information in the world is useless unless you implement it!

And So Now You Have A Choice…
You Can Do One Of Two Things:

1. You stick with the crowd and do absolutely nothing. You can ignore this opportunity. You can just keep ‘wishing and hoping’ things will change.

But is that really what you want to tell your kids or your spouse one day when they ask you why you cant afford to help with their education or medical treatment or why you can never afford a decent holiday?

2. You can decide how much extra cash you want and how long you want it for and simply say “Yes Please!” to my invitation to join the Wealth Revolution Group today!

Remember you are about to get access to over 100 hours of tried, tested and proven, street-smart, cutting-edge training, tips and insights.


Place your order now, while everything is still in front of you and I’ll give you Two VIP Tickets to my special live event worth $5,000


PS : Your investment in The Wealth Revolution Group is only $497 that is just $1.36 a day to get unrestricted access to information that can totally change your life. It is a very small price to pay to discover how to become financially free!

PPS : so don’t allow hesitation or procrastination rob you of this wonderful opportunity to experience the reality of financial freedom for yourself –go ahead and secure your membership now while it is fresh on your mind…


One more thing before I go. A lot of people are still wondering, “Maybe. What is the guarantee?” Well, I’m giving you an unconditional money-back guarantee that is valued for 90 days.

You don’t like the content within the next 90 days, if you don’t like my Ten Step Blueprint over the next 90 days I’m going to give you a full refund, no questions asked. So basically, this particular purchase you’re making is risk-free entirely. Unbeatable, guys!

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