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Marco Robinson

My name is Marco Robinson. I came from zero, literally. I left school at 16 years old. I have no qualifications academically whatsoever, I have three documents to my name; my Passport, my Driving License and my Birth Certificate. That’s it. I have no O levels, A levels OR high school diploma, I have no degree or anything like that. Yet, I’m a multi-millionaire, I’m financially free.

A lot of people say I’m unorthodox, many say I’m controversial, a lot of people say I’m very shocking in the things that I do with my lifestyle. The reason people say that is because I’ve got a very unorthodox lifestyle because I don’t work, I don’t have a job and I don’t have a boss – which means I do what I love to do every single day.

The most fulfilling thing that I love to do is give back. That means I’m a philanthropist. What I do is I help people who have had misfortune in their lives, create new lives for them and create new income streams so they can do what they truly love to do.

I created quite a few businesses by giving seed capital to particularly women, under-privileged women with children who have lost their husband and lost in income stream. That is the FEME Foundation, Female Entrepreneurs Made Easy. That’s a fantastic thing that I’ve done because I’ve got the time to do it and I’ve got the finance to do it.

I was also recognized for my Community and Philanthropic work recently in Indonesia by being given the honour of the title “Dato’Seri” which is similar to a Knighthood in England…..I never DREAMED this would ever happen to me…..but because I chose to do things differently, I have made a bigger difference. I am humbled to say I have changed people’s lives for the better, and that makes me feel the best kind of Human Being there is…

#1 Bestselling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Property Developer, Restaurateur, Philanthropist, SAG Actor, Professional Model, DJ


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I do all of this because I’m financially free but a lot of people are baffled by what financial freedom really is because if you think about it, not many people are actually financially free. If you think about your life, how many people do you really know that don’t have to work ever again at my age? Actually, when I ask people, they don’t know anyone. What you have got to understand is if we look at the statistics, they’re quite shocking and the shocking truth is this: 98% of the entire world’s population will retire financially broke. When I mean, “broke”, I mean literally, they are finished financially.

What else have I done? Well I’m also an award-winning entrepreneur. I’m actually sort of what they call a “serial entrepreneur” which means I create businesses again, and again, and again. The great thing about starting a business is it actually creates an income stream and then income stream can actually give you a better lifestyle because it’s an additional income stream. That means I create multiple income streams not just from businesses, but also assets I acquire from the money I make in business – if that makes sense.

I’ve written a number one best-selling book called “Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich”, which has changed many people’s life because that’s written directly from my experience of what I’ve achieved in my Career of Business and Sales.
Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich!

One of the recent businesses I created is something called the NAKED Restaurant & Bar. This has a huge following because at that restaurant we do things differently, very unique entertainment and very unique events. I’m also a DJ, Actor and a professional Model.

The Great thing about my life is I have time and finance to do all those things. I have the time and the money because I LEARNED how to REPLACE MY SALARY WITH PASSIVE INCOME FROM BUSINESS AND PROPERTY and literally FIRED MY BOSS….because I chose to be responsible for my own life and my own money.

Again I am reminding you of the shocking truth that 98% of the entire world’s population will retire financially broke, and they will LIVE with huge consumer debt even their retirement income, YOUR retirement income will not be enough for you to survive on, the average 401k or pension fund runs out in a couple of years and they can’t afford to make ends meet. Then they…YOU will have to go back to work!

If I did it so can you, let me show you how to replace your salary, fire your boss and live life on your terms!

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What Marco will do for you as well as what WRG has done for me in my business, is that they will reprogram your mind on business, just throw away the thinking of marketing, strategising and put in tools that you can use immediately in your business to give you the lifestyle that you want.

Patric Chan – International Speaker, Author and World Renowned Internet Marketer

“Whether you’re a seasoned salesperson or you’re taking your first tentative steps intothe dynamic world of selling, when you read this book, know that you’re in safehands. There is something for everyone when you follow the process Marco Robinson outlines, your results will skyrocket. Marco is a consummate professional, a person ofextraordinary ability and someone who is totally passionate about other people’ssuccess. Read it and you will be well rewarded.”

Paul Counsel, Ph.D, Author, Wealth Specialist & Artist

What Financial Freedom Allows Me To Do


“If you are not doing exactly what you want to do with your life now…what are you living for?”

Marco Robinson
#1 Bestselling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Property Developer, Restaurateur, Philanthropist, Actor, Model

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